Wood Elf Army Pack

Forest Dragon
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Entire wood elf army in 10 mm scale. Files are provided fully supported and are intended to be printed with the bases flat to the build plate of your resin 3D printer. Just slice and hit print!

Included in this pack are the following:

  • Spear regiment
  • Stag riders
  • Archers
  • Blade dancers
  • Light cavalry
  • Forest spirits
  • Hawk riders
  • Greater forest spirits
  • Rangers
  • Forest dragon
  • Treemen
  • Character pack

For more information on any of the components of the army pack, check the individual product listings. Many of these contain variants to allow you to customise your army, and in addition to the supported strips you will receive based and supported individual miniatures as well as unsupported miniatures.

Important: By purchasing these files, you agree that you may only use the content provided for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell the files. You also agree not to sell physical copies.

Permission is given to modify the files for your own personal use but you are not permitted to share those derivatives in any way.

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Wood Elf Army Pack

38 ratings
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